A co-created gathering for smaller scale producer - aggregators in the meat industry...
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Designing for Resilience:

A co-created gathering for smaller scale
producer-aggregators in the meat industry

February 10-11, 2020  |  Paicines Ranch, CA

Please join us for a convening at Paicines Ranch aimed at co-creating a design for a resilient food system that serves the needs of smaller scale producer-aggregators. This is a call to gather among peers and to share experiences, challenges, and needs that aren’t finding a forum elsewhere in the meat industry.

We will be exploring the multitude of similar challenges that many small to mid-size meat producer-aggregators are facing in the current food system, such as relationships with retail outlets, management of direct to consumer relationships, operations working in relative isolation, and operations testing out different strategies to work through or around, or in some cases rebuild, existing infrastructure.
This invite-only gathering will consist of two days facilitated by Owen Hablutzel, consultant on the Essentials of Resilience Thinking and Action. We will explore the Resilient Systems Framework in a workshop setting on the first day, which will be open to a wider audience; and then we’ll make space on the second day for a smaller group of producer-aggregators to begin to use the Framework to re-imagine and then redesign the food system.
Over the past 5 years Paicines Ranch and the Paicines Ranch Learning Center have utilized the simple yet profound process of getting a great group of people together in a room and on the land for a couple days to explore and experience the synergy that occurs with connection. Past events include: State of the Soil, Organic Grain Gathering, Women in Ranching, Regenerative Ag Learning Journey and Women in Soil.
A Taste of What's to Come...

Ready to RSVP?
We're excited welcome you to the ranch! Please click below to fill out our registration form and let us know that you can make it. We'll follow up afterwards with more information

Please note: This small discussion-oriented gathering is limited in size and by invitation-only. If you have someone who should be invited, please let us know!

The Details

Where We'll Gather

Paicines Ranch is a regenerative ranch located two hours south of San Francisco, CA. See directions here

Address: Paicines Ranch, 13388 Airline Hwy, Paicines, CA 95043

Travel & Airports
San Jose (SJC) is the closest airport to fly into and highly recommended. San Francisco (SFO) and Oakland (OAK) are the next best options. Unfortunately, there is no reliable public transportation to the ranch as it is in a rural location so most people flying end up renting a car or carpooling.

We will coordinate carpools based on the information you share in the RSVP form above.

Arrival & Departure Times
The gathering will begin at 9:00am on Monday, February 10 and the program will conclude at 3:00pm on Tuesday, February 11. We will be having a final dinner on Tuesday evening and have lodging available for those who want to stay over Tuesday night.

Please let us know if you are arriving early or staying late, and need lodging on February 9 or 11.

Cost to Participate
We acknowledge the expense that participants will undoubtedly incur to be absent from their own operations and travel to Paicines Ranch. As such, the Paicines Ranch Learning Center will offer programming, meals and lodging at no cost to participants.

For questions, please contact Megan at

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in February!

Thank you,

The Resilience Design Convening Team:
Esther Park, Cienega Capital
Owen Hablutzel, Essentials of Resilience Thinking and Action
Elaine Patarini, Paicines Ranch Learning Center
Megan Mendenhall, Paicines Ranch Learning Center

The Resilience Design Convening is hosted by the
Paicines Ranch Learning Center at:
Paicines Ranch, 13388 Airline Hwy, Paicines, CA 95043, United States

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